Application areas
Fixed explosion proof lights
CREE LED, Metal halide, high pressure sodium or electrodeless lamp light source; IP65 or IP67; safe for use in inflammable place where the T6,T4,T3 temperature class permits.
Mobile explosion proof lights
Explosion proof; CREE LED, HID, Halogen bulb light source; IP65, IP66, IP67; rechargeable lithium battery; flashlight, searchlight, headlamp, portable work light, large area lighitng system, vehicle mount lamp etc.
Coal Mine lights
Ex code: Ex d I approved for safe use in undergroud coal mine potentially explosive gas, vapour and mist atmospheres.
Fixed Industrial Lights
floodlight or spotlight; LED, MH,HPS(OSRAM)or electrodeless lamp light source; IP65,dustproof, waterproof,anti corrosion;
Mobile Industrial Lights
remote control light tower, magnetic remote control searchlight, railway signal flashlight, police flashlight, tracker light etc.